As Copeland goes to the polls on May 2, I urge readers not to be steered by the fog of Brexit.

Yes, of course, for the good of the nation, we must secure the best deal possible, but local and mayoral elections must be fought on local issues, on the worries and concerns that matter to you and your family.


I believe that across Copeland, it is now time for change. Speaking to people on the doorstep they are fed up of being hit in the pocket. Having to pay higher and higher Council Tax every year, while not seeing anything in return.


These elections are your chance to decide on who is best placed to run these services and how much council tax you will pay for them in return.


Up and down the country it is Conservative councillors and Conservative councils who have a proven record of managing your money wisely and providing good local services.


Across Copeland, new investment is driving our region forward. New investment that has come about thanks to this Conservative Government.


In Copeland, major work is being undertaken to fix our roads. From Mirehouse where Whinlatter Road is being repaired, to the A5086 at Rowrah, from Cleator Moor to Egremont to St Bees, some of the worst stretches of roads have recently been resurfaced. This is all thanks to the  £420 million road repair fund announced by the Chancellor in last year’s Autumn statement, £12 million of which came to Cumbria.


We’ve also heard recently of a million pounds to develop and protect Copeland’s “hidden coast” and promote tourism in the area and more funding for education, with the news that Cumbria Education Trust will get £20 million of investment for Whitehaven Academy.


This is all fantastic news but I want more. If I become Mayor I will be best placed to work with the government to  make sure that the proposed £300 million A595 relief road goes ahead, reducing congestion problems for all the villages in the area and boosting our economy.


I will fight to make sure that we continue to improve rail services. I will fight to make sure we continue to get more investment in every part of our borough, from Millom to Distington.

Copeland is a great place to live, and it is getting better – and I want the chance to fight on your behalf to make sure that progress continues.