Cllr. Whiteside makes the case for further A595 improvements

On Thursday, Cllr. Chris Whiteside (Egremont North and St. Bees) gave a speech at the Full Council Meeting of Cumbria County Council, regarding the A595. Later that day, he met with fellow Copeland Conservative party members in Moresby with Jeremy Hunt where Cllr. Whiteside made the case to leadership hopeful. Chris' speech is below:


"Chairman, Council


Can I please take 75 seconds of your time to stress that we as a council need to continue to focus on the issues with the A595


Members representing the West of the county will be well aware that the A595 is the only major road, insofar as it deserves that name, running through large parts of the West of the county and the only major road route providing access to one of the largest employers in the county, e.g. the Sellafield nuclear site.


The fact that it does not remotely have the capacity to take even current demand, let alone what is likely to be needed to meet future developments, has a major impact on the quality of life of residents of practically every town or settlement on the west coast as traffic diverts through unsuitable roads, and is also a major brake on the economic development of West Cumbria.


Members will be aware of the recent consultation on a possible Whitehaven relief road and we are waiting to hear if this makes it into the Autumn Statement, and of the welcome improvements planned at Dove Ford Farm at Grizebeck, but many other junctions both in the part of the road managed by Highways England and the stretch south of Calderbridge managed by this council also need improvement.


A couple of weeks ago councillors Morgan, Turner and I met Highways England to discuss some of the issues and they are giving members of the Copeland local committee a briefing next week.


I want to flag that local members are particularly concerned to ensure that action is taken to deal with the Moresby Viaduct section in a timely and properly planned way. As of today, the road is safe but sooner or later action will need to be taken to deal with the movement of the ground underneath before it ceases to be. The consequences in terms of disruption to people’s lives if the road has to be closed on an emergency basis before a proper plan and an alternative route is in place do not bear thinking about.


As I’ve said we are talking to Highways England about this and so is the portfolio holder but it important that all members are aware of the importance of the issue."