Candidate unveils six-point plan to deliver as Copeland’s next Conservative Mayor 

Candidate unveils six-point plan to deliver as Copeland’s next Conservative Mayor   


Millom Councillor Ged McGrath has been selected to fight for the Conservatives in the upcoming Copeland Mayoral election.


As a local resident the 60 year old said that, through to listening to local people, he understand the issues that matter to his fellow residents and has a six-point plan which he has promised to deliver on if elected in May.


He said: “as a lifelong Conservative Party supporter, I believe in our party’s values of fairness, equality, democracy and building a society that works for everyone. I also believe that local people are best served in Copeland with common sense, sound business acumen, and shared goals.”


Ged, who lives at The Green, near Millom, grew up on a council estate in Coventry, where his father worked in the car industry, before he moved up to Cumbria.


With a varied career, having worked in hospitality, healthcare and from 2006 until 2016 owning and operating Millom Post Office, Ged more recently worked for Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison as her office manager, before leaving that post to allow him more time to focus his efforts on becoming the next Mayor of Copeland.


He said: “If elected I will be there to represent my fellow Copeland residents 100 per cent. I would want to see that the council is run as a business, so that Council Tax is kept low, yet still ensure people enjoy high quality, value for money services.


“I would also ensure that all of our towns and villages across Copeland are kept clean and tidy and looking their best, so that people can be proud of where they live.


“As part of my plan I would also see that we have enough homes for everyone across the region, so that those who want to get on the housing ladder will be able to do so, locally, so that they can stay near to their family, friends and place of work.”


As the Conservative mayor, Ged added that he believes if elected he would be ideally placed to work with Copeland MP Trudy Harrison to ensure the government is helping to deliver locally.


He said: “As the Conservative mayor I would be ideally placed to be able to work with Trudy to seek out funding for our small and medium sized businesses, so that more people have better opportunities locally. I would also ensure that other residents who may be struggling get the support they need.


“Copeland is a fantastic place to live and work. It is my home and I would be proud to represent my fellow Copeland residents as their elected mayor.”


Keeping Council Tax Low 

We’ll generate income for the Council, so that you get to keep more of the money that you earn.


High quality services for everyone, everywhere across Copeland

Local people tell me that they don’t feel that they are receiving good value for money for their council tax, based on the services which they are getting from the Council. Our plan for Copeland includes a strategy to improve our services and to bring them up to standard so that all of our towns and villages can expect to receive the same level of quality service


Cleaner Towns and Villages.

Copeland is a brilliant place to live and work because of the people who call it home. But we need to grow our local economy and bring in new jobs. And we can only do that if our Borough is clean and tidy. That’s why I’ll work together with local people to keep our towns and villages, looking their best. Our plan includes investing in creating more street care teams and using the full force of our enforcement powers, so that our streets and public spaces are clean, weed free and we’ll tackle the important local issue of dog fouling.


Local homes for Local People

Housing comes up a lot on the doorstep. Affordable homes. Having the right balance of family homes, smaller homes, larger homes and those which are suited to first time buyers. We will work with planners to build the right mix of houses, which are near to local people’s friends, family and place of work. So that more of Copeland’s residents can have a home of their own.


Working together, to ensure that no community is left behind.

Working together with local people, businesses, county councillors and our MP, we’ll seek out funding for our small and medium sized businesses, across Copeland. We’ll use government grants and work with the private sector, to help our local businesses to grow and prosper, so that more local people have more opportunities, we’ll welcome more tourists and our economy can thrive once again.


Support for those who need it most

 When people fall upon challenging times, we will be there for them. We have a plan to work together with partner agencies to offer more support for local people. So that we are able to, for example, provide more opportunities to get back into work and to learn new skills.